Allergy Testing


Complete Allergy Testing

(includes Analysis of Food, Chemical & Environmental Allergies)

Do you experience any of these symptoms?

Food cravings, Eczema, Mood swings, Fatigue, Diarrhea, Gas, Insomnia, Bloating, Ear infections, Itching, Mental confusion, Muscle spasms, Dizziness, Respiratory infections, Obsessive behavior, Weight gain or loss, Hives, Headaches, Addictions, Cough, Cramps, Fainting spells, Eating disorders, Bed wetting, Irritability, Sore throat, Yeast infections, Unexplained pain, Urinary tract disorders

Many common health conditions can merely be symptoms of underlying allergies or sensitivities. Once discovered and treated, many symptoms may disappear.

Book an Allergy Test with us and learn the root causes of these symptoms.

Each test is 1.5 hour duration and covered under most extended health insurance plans if you have acupuncture. We offer direct billing to insurance companies if your plan allows.

During your session, we will include a complete analysis of any Food, Chemical & Environmental Allergies that could be affecting your health.

Once you have purchased a session you can book online or contact us directly to schedule a convenient time for your appointment.

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