Advanced Clinical Aromatic Medicine

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Accredited teachers will be instructing health care providers and practitioners on essential oils in clinical settings. Aromatic medicine is practiced by nurses and physicians in England and France, in fact, it is part of their medical training and hospital care. You, too, can safely and effectively introduce essential oils to complement your treatments and practices. Learn systematic applications, effects on each body system, altered states of health, stress and the stages of disease and healing.

Our instructors continue to upgrade their international accreditation’s to bring you the most comprehensive course materials and changes that reflect the progress of Aromatic Medicine as a therapy in other countries.

This program is specially geared towards teaching the ‘practicing health care provider’ new, less invasive and more natural methodology that can be utilized in their health care practices. Up to date information, globally researched teaching materials, government regulations and legal aspects will all be included. This is the only advanced course offered with the RMT, RN, OT, PT, and AMT’s in mind.

Specialty areas of: mental health, palliative, maternal, geriatrics and women’s health are covered. Learn how to blend for therapeutic treatments and how to make your own creams, salves, ointments, lotions and compresses. 20 hr practice.

Recognized as Professional Aromacologist. Recognized by the College of Registered Massage Therapists for CEU’s.

Length of Course: 80 hours of certified training. Evening classes and some weekends are scheduled to accommodate the class time.
Cost:   $999


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