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Acupuncture is one of the oldest and most powerful methods of treating acute or chronic pain. By the time most patients come to an acupuncturist, they have tried everything else with little or no long term help.

Now the good news….

Acupuncture is able to help about 80% of the people who visit us who have experienced relief from symptoms and a dramatic reduction in pain. Many wished they had come sooner.

This modality enhances and compliments a wide variety of contemporary soft tissue therapies: examples chiropractors, massage therapies, athletic therapies, physiotherapist and every medications seem to work better when you re receiving acupuncture as well.

  1. Can Acupuncture Help You?

    Obviously I can’t make promises, but acupuncture has a good tract records spanning many thousands of years. It is drug free, no side effects and a safe system of healing. At the very worst, it might not work for you and at the best, you will experience freedom from pain and other symptoms.

  2. What Happens?

    Great care is made to ensure your comfort and well being. A short case history involving a few medical and symptom questions will be asked. You will be taken to a quiet, private treatment room – where you will lie down on a massage table or a reclining chair. I will again asses the area of concern for a short time and then I will insert 5 to 12 small, sterile needles. (just about the same thickness as one strand of your hair). You will not even feel most of them.

    You will rest for about 20 minutes. Most people just fall asleep. After the needles have been removed you should feel better and more relaxed, sometimes it takes a little longer to have an effect. Please be patient, not every body responds at the same speed.

  3. What if I Hate Needles?

    I sometimes use other methods for people who are just too uncomfortable with needles until they are ready and feel they can trust me. I use a laser, or tuning forks, or a peizo point stimulator or moxa which doesn’t employ any needles. For you, this might just solve the problem. So let me know during a consultation of your concerns and I will find a way to work around them.

  4. Extended Health Care Plans

    Most extended health care insurance plans will reimburse you for the treatments that you receive from me. It will depend on your plan and your entitlement through that plan. Please check with your insurance provider.

  5. What Can Acupuncture Help?

    According to the information from the World Health Organization the following diseases and conditions respond favourable to acupuncture:

    addictions ADD ADHD anxiety asthma
    back pain bronchitis carpal tunnel colds & flu
    constipation/diarrhea depression headaches migraines
    hormonal disorders insomnia joint inflammation muscle spasm
    sciatica sinusitis shingles stress
    IBS fibromylagia ear infections eye problems
    neurological disorders arthritis paralysis strokes/ CVA

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