Acupressure and LED Lasers for Pets

A newer development in animal acupuncture is the use of lasers instead of needles for a completely painless experience.

 Laser therapy has been shown to be effective for pets experiencing pain and inflammation and for healing of wounds. It provides a surgery-free, drug-free way to treat a variety of conditions that involves stimulating the body to heal itself.  We offer laser therapy using acupressure points for small animals.

 Acupressure has been used in China for thousands of years to produce a healing response in the body. Acupressure uses  pressure on certain points of the body where nerve bundles and blood vessels intersect. Through pressure or laser therapy  in these energy channels,  it enhances blood circulation and stimulates the release of hormones with the goal of encouraging the body to correct imbalances. More and more pet parents are trying alternative therapies for dogs and cats.

 Acupressure and laser therapy  is virtually painless for small animals, and many owners find their pets become relaxed or even sleepy when the treatment is finished. But feelings like tingling or numbness have been noted in human patients, so some animals may show small amounts of discomfort from the new sensations.

HOW CAN Laser Therapy and Acupressure BENEFIT MY Pet?

1. Pain management is one of the most common uses for therapies, often in conjunction with a more traditional treatment plan. Strong medical treatments like chemotherapy, which can cause discomfort, are often paired with acupressure to help make a pet more comfortable and able to fight the illness.

2. Musculoskeletal problems such as dyplasia, arthritis,  or nerve injuries can respond to acupressure and laser therapy. It is often employed during rehabilitation after an injury. Carefully monitoring a healing pet is important; without the feeling of pain, a dog can re-injure him or herself with over-activity.

3. Skin problems like hot spots or allergic dermatitis,  may respond well to acupressure and Laser treatment because increased circulation can improve healing, while pain reduction will reduce a pet’s over grooming or itching responses.

4. Gastrointestinal problems like nausea and diarrhea  can be aided by the increased blood flow from acupressure and Laser Therapy.   It may also help normalize digestive activity by stimulating digestive secretions.

5. Respiratory problems like asthma and allergies  benefit from the immune-calming, anti-inflammatory capabilities of acupressure and Laser Therapy.


Emotional and physical issues can be treated.
House calls can be arranged.
Treatments at our business  $75
Out calls will have an extra charge for travelling.

LED Light Therapy

Effective, non abrasive, non-invasive and restorative.  Light therapy has been established as a useful tool to speed up the helain gprocess by bringing more oxygen as well s nutrients needed for healing.  It stimulates collagen production and ATP,;reduces nervous tension in tissues; increases lymph drainage; induces a thermal life effect in the tissues and more.  Often used in conjunction with other treatments.

Thermatex Dog Beds

Through the absorption of infrared thermal energy, tissues are safely and gently heated resulting in increased

blood flow within the treated area.  The effectiveness of Thermatx in reducing and controlling pain, often leads to a decrease in medication.  No adverse side effects.  Animal beds available in three sizes.


Allergy Testing
Will test for food and chemical or environment allergies $75
You will need to bring in a hair and saliva sample from your pet.

Laser Ultrasound
Well tolerated for pain. Can be done for any pet. $35


Bach and Body Essences
For any emotional issue – these easy remedies can be done at home.
We will muscle test using the owner as a surrogate. Remedies are
very inexpensive (approx $12) Can be used for travel sickness,
separation anxiety, lonliness, grief, fear of thunder storms etc.


Animal reflexology is very similar to working on humans.
Results can be immediate for physical or emotional complaints.


Animals tend to react to Reiki treatments very quickly and
positively. Can be done at your home or by long distance appointments.

The same type of surrogate testing can be done to determine the best homeopathy
remedy to use for many different pathologies. This type of treatment can be very successful
in a quick response in animals.

QXCI or Indigo Testing
Often done to find the root cause of a problem. We would need hair and saliva samples of any type of pet that you want tested.


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