Acupuncture for Addictive Behaviours


·         Eating Addictions

·         Alcohol Addictions

·         Drug Addictions

·         Coming off Prescription Medications for various conditions

·         Recreational Drug Addictions


To get the best result, you will need to have the acupuncture treatments  2 to 3 times every week while doing this protocol.

The ear, is known as a micro-system with points that complement some vital organs within you. One’s appetite for foods, alcohol, drugs and prescription medications may be curbed as soon as the needles are placed into these points .

 A soothing effect will probably be experienced as hormones are launched after accomplishing ear acupuncture to help with the additive behaviour.   As the needles are inserted, the brain will release “endorphins”.   One’s stress, anxiety, and frustration will probably be relieved with such hormones being released.

Laser acupuncture can be used instead of needles at any point.

The metabolic processes thus remains slowed up  while your determination to prevent  unhealthy lifestyles or choices is accomplished.

Placement of needles or auricular ear tacks in the ear can augment the effectiveness of these treatments.

 Generally, the timetable for ear acupuncture treatment methods are scheduled two to three times per week for 6 – 7  sessions.  This time is needed for the treatments to work and our patients accomplish the changes.

 Certain points regarding the ear that complement the mouth for impulsive people, the lung for food and sugar addicts, and the hormones for bloating are helpful in ear acupuncture to shed pounds. There are also points that can be utilized for food cravings and addictive behaviour patterns.



Consultation         $50

6 Sessions Needles or Laser  ($75 each)

Ear Tacks with each session ($15 each)

Total Cost:  $590        Special Pricing available:  $470  ( a savings of 20%)


Acupuncture is often covered by your extended health care plan and we do direct billing whenever possible.