Acupuncture Diploma and Advanced Certification (DAc.)

All of the Acupuncture courses and workshops are on hold until such time as the new licensing board of Acupuncture and TCM set out their new guidelines for education. These courses might be completely eliminated depending on their decisions.

The CIAM school is affiliated with the Acupuncture Moxibustion Society of China, The Open International University of Complementary Medicine, a part of the World Health Organization and also the Board of Alternative Medicine (Calcutta, India). The curriculum is based upon world renowned Acupuncturist Professor Anton Jayasuriya, MD and other experienced professionals.

Our program focuses attention upon the therapeutic basis of Acupuncture to give you the confidence and knowledge to be effective in this healing art. The principal instructor is Christine Richards.

A great deal of emphasis is placed on the necessary practical skills, concepts, procedures and treatment protocols needed in practice. If you do not have a solid background in anatomy and physiology, course notes and training are available. The CIAM course will enhance your abilities in professional healing and aid in your endeavour to treat your patients/clients.

To assist and accommodate those already working in the medical or health care field, we teach a condensed program in class that runs for two scheduled one week sessions. There is also required home study in between these weeks.

Cost: $7500 plus GST.

Our courses have been put on hold until guidelines come out from the new college.

Diploma Week 1 Week 2
Advanced Week 1 Week 2
Diploma Week 1 Week 2
Diploma Week 1 Week 2
Advanced for DAc. Week 1 Week 2

Certification: Successful graduates will be eligible to apply for malpractice insurance and membership
in the CCCA (Canadian Council of Certified Acupuncturists). For your convenience registration can be done by debit, credit card or cheque.
We accept on-line, telephone, in person or mail registrations.
PS: CMTO offers 333.5 CEU’s for RMT’s completing the program.

Auricular Needling, Moxibustion, Laser Therapy & Electrical Application
We also offer a two day workshop in Auricular Needling which includes Moxibustion, Laser Therapy and Electrical  applications.

To register for this course, click here

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