January Horoscopes

You may experience unusual luck or a sense of healing that opens up new possibilities for your spiritual life. Guidance may come from the women in your life. A special mentor may help you deal with an old wound or challenge, and this could bring about dramatic changes in your overall mental state and even your physical wellness. Keep an eye out for behind the scenes information that can help you with taxes and investments. You could receive an unexpected tip or windfall, and may need some help deciding how to invest or save.

If you are single and looking for love, dig your way out of the house and get together with some friends. A change in your attitude will make you extra attractive, and a friend of a friend may come out from behind a snow bank to announce romantic intentions. If you are already in a relationship, find some way to express your feminine side. Art, crafts and hobbies are great ways for the two of you to bond in a shared interest. Keep your mind open about an unusual idea your partner mentions, it could turn out better than you think at first.

If you are looking for work, find a group of local women and network. You could make more than just casual connections, and at least one of them may be looking for someone just like you. Taking time to share your thoughts, ideas and challenges with like-minded people could bring in welcome leads, and it may change your career plans. If you have been feeling blocked on the career path, you may find that a mental block clears, allowing you to move forward in a much more positive way. You may even decide to help others on the same path once all is decided and you have set out for greener pastures.

If you have been feeling blocked or challenged the best way to clear your mental cobwebs is to get out of the box you have been in for the past while. Classes, lectures, workshops and seminars are great ways to bring in the new while you are clearing out the old. Art, crafts, and hobbies can prove to be great places, not only to learn and explore your creativity, but they can also be great ways to make friends and valuable connections. Travel is favored now, especially if you are traveling for healing, but any way you can broaden your horizons will be helpful to you in the long term.

You may be thinking about investing in your home, and this is a good time to think about ways to make your home a more healing and welcoming place. You might not go full Zen on your home, but a small corner needs an update, and you need a place to relax and reflect. Women in your family and circle of friends may want to connect or reconnect with you right now, and there is a possibility of healing a long-standing wound in your family circle, if you can keep an open mind. Someone may propose an idea that seems a bit crazy or challenging, but could be just what your family needs.

Women in your family and circle of friends can be good mentors and advisors about relationships right now. More than one woman in your life may want to help you heal old wounds or challenges. You do not have to take their advice, but keep an open mind. Someone who is a bit outside your normal value or belief system might surprise you with deep spiritual wisdom, or ways you can communicate better, especially with your significant other. Keep the lines of communication open. An unexpected message of affection or trust may come via unusual means. You could be the one doing the mentoring if you are in the communications business, or spend a lot of time on the Internet.

You may experience unusual luck or a sense of healing that opens up new possibilities for your financial well being. A female partner, companion or mentor could help you better see what old wounds or blockages have been getting in your way. A new job, more clients, or income would be a welcome happenstance, and the possibilities are strong right now. Use your creativity and inventiveness to open up the path, synchronicity will do the rest. You may feel like you need a bit of a rest or change in the workplace, and lucky energy is coming your way to opportunities, but it will be up to you to turn them into reality.

You may be finding that people around you are suddenly a lot more interested in your thoughts, ideas and leadership. People who ignored you before are suddenly taking you seriously, and you are getting offers and suggestions that are truly helpful. An old personal wound or challenge may come up for healing, and you could have an opportunity to take on a role as a teacher or mentor to others who are dealing with the same issue. Allow the energy to take you where it leads. You may be surprised how much better your life gets, if you are willing to face your past.

This is a good time to think about ways to make your home a more healing and welcoming place. You may find it a worthwhile investment of time and money, especially if you focus on that cold, dark corner and turn it into a brighter, warmer space to think and reflect. A lot of early childhood issues are coming up for you right now, but not all of them are entirely conscious. That sounds challenging, but the aspects are positive, and the stars say this is a great time to listen, not only to the wise women around you, but to that nagging voice that is telling you it is time to get your show on the road.

You could make great things happen online right now if you are so inclined. You may find yourself starting a new website, blog or Facebook page. Your demographic will be middle aged and older women who want to share ideas and experiences about their needs and challenges. That sounds quite specific, but there are many ways you could express this energy, seriously and full time, or even just as a hobby. You may get unexpected calls from women who have unsolicited advice. Consider it carefully, because even if the source is suspect, they could well be channeling some valuable information.

A career or financial opportunity involving women is a feature of this moment, and you may find yourself talking to several women who have ideas and opportunities that suit your life right now. You may find yourself drawn to some impossible cause or business. Try not to take it too seriously. Enjoy it, play with it. Let your inner child come out to play. A fun activity or hobby could eventually turn into a full-time vocation if you do not get too wrapped up in stress or worry about the outcome. You may be a big help to others in the same situation or with similar past experiences.

If you have been feeling stuck or frustrated lately, you may have a sudden flash of insight or advice from a mentor that leads you right back to an old issue you thought was well healed. If this happens, celebrate it. It is a sign that you are back on track, and this problem can be healed at last. What your learn form this experience could well prove to be extremely valuable, not just to you, but to others who have experienced similar things. Your experience could turn your life and the lives of others on to much more positive paths in the end.

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