Bioresonance/Biofeedback Therapy — IBS and Me

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Hey everyone!

So thought I’d jump right in with the newest treatment I’ve tried for my IBS. As you’ll guess from the title, this is called Biofeedback Therapy or Bioresonance Therapy.

This was recommended to me by a fellow IBS sufferer and kind of felt at this stage that I had nothing to lose! I’ll start with my experience last night from my first appointment and then try and explain the science bit in a bit more detail.

It all begins with venturing out the house on a cold, dark, wet and windy evening to make the half hour journey over to the other side of Edinburgh, to a little town/village that I had never heard of before. Thankfully my therapist had provided me with very details directions so found her location very easily.

After brief introductions and welcome, we got stuck straight in. She seated me on a little sofa in her office and put a leather strap around my head, resting it over my forehead. This contains lots of little electrodes. The super attractive giant leather headband is attached to a machine on her desk by a long cable and then that machine is linked to her computer which contains the software to read and react to each scan.

We were chatting a lot during the session so I didn’t always get chance to ask each time she set things going but I couldn’t feel anything during the process so it’s all groovy. I think this is one of the things I liked best about the treatment as I remained fully clothed, sitting upright and comfortable and it was completely painless and non-invasive.

After each scan, my therapist asked me some questions in relation to some of the results that came up so that she could provide more accurate information afterwards.

As you will probably guess, my small intestine was flagged up as being “out of balance” but the results also showed that I have adrenal fatigue, which completely explains feeling tired all of the time but having difficulty switching off my brain. As my therapist put it; “tired but wired”.

The scan also looks at allergens and sensitivities as well as vitamins, minerals, nutrients and hormones, to find out which are “out of balance” and require attention. Two of my biggest food reactions were to rice and cornstarch, cornflour etc which surprised me. So between this session and next, I am to avoid these foods and we can review it next time. It was also flagged up that my magnesium levels are low which apparently can help aid your gut to break down foods so I am to try some supplements initially to see if we can correct this.

The machine also picked up that my stress hormone level is a little on the high side, as well as another one (which I can’t remember the name of right now) which has a massive effect on your mood and self-confidence. We talked about methods to combat these mood influencers such as mindfulness and being aware of negative thinking and how to change your inner reaction to this.

The scan also picks up on emotions which I was incredibly surprised about. It showed that I have been struggling to keep my mood up recently and also showed that I was both communicative and non-communicative. My therapist suggested that this may be that I have things that I want to talk to people about but for whatever reason, am very hesitant to do so, which does actually fit quite well for me.

I am massively impressed with what we have discovered so far. My therapist advised that we don’t delve too deeply in to the food sensitivities on the first session as some reactions may be that I’ve just had a lot of a certain food which would flag up as an issue. We will look at this again in more detail next time as she will compare the results of both sessions.

I should also mention that if the machine picks up any imbalances with your systems, such as the autonomic nervous system, it automatically sends back a correcting frequency to try and put it back in to balance. It all sounds super woo woo and magical but I am incredibly optimistic.

The biggest thing for me was feeling a sense of relief that I wasn’t imagining all of these symptoms and that there are reasons I feel so out of sorts and it’s not just because I’m getting already. That in itself has made me feel so much lighter today!


Ok, now for the science bit. I hold my hands up and want to remind you that I am not an expert so may not be 100% accurate in the information but it should at least give you a rough idea of what’s going on.

My understanding of the information is that Biofeedback works by helping us make changes to things within our body that we don’t normally have any control of. For example we can control our body temperature because when we are too cold or too hot, our brain gets the signal to tell us this and we can go and put on a jumper or put the heating on, or vice versa. Things we don’t normally have control over include blood pressure, heart rate, gut function etc.

By using the machine to check in with all of these different functions, we are provided the information to be able to act on the results and consciously control how our body is working.

If you want more technical information, then here’s the link to the L.I.F.E. systems website:

I feel that the fact that this treatment is looking at my body as a whole, rather than just looking at the gut is going to make such a difference. As we know, science is now realising that your gut is your second brain, which gives a lot more weight to “gut instincts” so to only look at this part and ignore everything else doesn’t seem to make much sense.

I can’t wait to see how things progress with this therapy and look forward to updating you with the results! My next appointment is on the 25th October so will try and remember to update the blog the following day!

Thanks for reading,

Carolyn x

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