Advanced Massage Course

Prerequisite: Massage Certification or permission of instructor

This program was designed to give the trained massage practitioner in-depth knowledge and skills necessary to perform a wide range of massage techniques to meet a client's needs. There will be additional emphasis on learning to assess a client and to develop a customized massage program to meet their needs and concerns. Students learn specific anatomy and pain dynamics, stretching exercises and how to look for the signs of common injuries.
This course builds on the techniques of the student current massage skill and is an extension and refinement of skills, which builds confidence in the student and prepares the student for the a broader scope of practice in the workplace.

This course combines tools, techniques, demonstrations, lectures,and professional skills, along with hands-on experiences in each class.This course takes therapeutic massage to a higher level by providing students with more in-depth knowledge and a broader range of techniques.

This is a course for qualified therapist who wish to advance their skills in the fields of Massage techniques.
This program will appeal to:

  • therapists and aestheticians who currently provide body
  • massage treatments therapist who use body massage as a
  • relaxation treatment who wish to include deeper techniques
  • therapies who would like to add on muscle testing and energy
  • techniques therapists who would like to learn the vita flex and rain drop therapies treatments

Length of Course: 1 weekend

Cost: $499

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