Beginners Massage Course

Prerequisite: None

This is not a certification program. This is only and intro and will not give you the skill to work. However, this is a good course to take if you want to find out if you would like to be a professional massage practitioner or just to massage your partner or friends.

Taught by a professional therapist. An introduction for anyone who wants to learn the different strokes and techniques of massage for yourself and friends. The simple techniques and moves for relaxing the entire body of tension will be taught. Knowledge of anatomy and physiology will be included on a limited level. Please be prepared to work with partners. This is a fun course and not meant to be anything but an introduction to massage.

Supplies Required:
You will need to bring a mat, 2 sheets,1large bath towel, 1 pillow and dress comfortably.

Length of Course: 2 nights

Cost: $150

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