Lymphatic Massage Course

Prerequisite: Massage Certification or exemption from Instructor

Lymph drainage massage is a unique technique first developed in Europe as a physical therapy modality for the treatment of lymph edema. Experience has shown that lymph drainage massage is also a perfect technique for helping clients to maintain health and improve the beauty of their skin.

The lymph vessels, which are made up of a series of nodes and key organs, carry excess water, fluid, waste byproducts and proteins from the connective tissue back into the vascular system. This is a naturally occuring process through passive movements like deep breathing, walking and yoga exercises. MLD is an alternative methods of affecting the stimulation of this process to assist in accellerating lymph flow. The gentle, rhythmic pumping massge that is taught in this course follows the directions of lymph flow allowing an increase in the expulsion of excess.

In this program student will learn how to apply lymphatic drainage massage techniques in a variety of situations, including spa and resort body treatments, facials, esthetics and more.

Length of Program: 4 days
: $1200

Upon successful completion of 2 days and 20 case studies

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