Cupping Massage Course

Prerequisite: Massage Certification or permission from Instructor

This is an ancient art that has been modified over the years for current use as needed by practitioners and spa therapists. This is a simple yet powerful technique that you can integrate into almost any massage that you currently use. It greatly enhances any type of body treatment and body work that you utilize.

Cupping is usually performed by heating a glass cup or similar object and placing it on the skin. The vacuum through the suction created will increase blood circulation to the local area, relaxes muscle tissue and releases the factors causing pain. The popular method today in Canada is to withdraw air from inside the cup with a hand suction pump.

Traditionally, cupping is used to move vital energy and correct internal imbalance. It will also clear the effects of exogenous elements like wind and cold as well as clearing the effects of external injuries.

Length of Course: 3 days
Cost: $899
Certification: Given upon successful completion of class, exam and case studies.

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